Have feedback on the memory/CPU usage on Edge? We're Listening!


Greetings Microsoft Edge Insiders!


My name is Allison and I am a PM working on improving the performance of the new Microsoft Edge browser.


Previously, your feedback let us know that there are times when Edge uses too much memory and CPU. When was the last time this happened to you? What were you doing in this situation? What was your biggest concern about that amount of memory and CPU usage? We are curious about this and would love to learn more.


Thank you for giving us your honest feedback. I look forward to hearing more about where you see Microsoft Edge meeting your expectations, and where it isn’t.



-The Microsoft Edge Team-

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@Allison_Pastewka Hello. my friend has very often high CPU and aperated memory when working microsoft edge. it happens even with everyday tasks. such as visiting sites watching movies downloading files, etc. the load on the processor jumps up to 100%. still wanted to add his wish. I would like notifications from sites even when microsoft edge is closed.



I would like Browser Task Manager to have an option to always be displayed on top of the other windows (including obviously the Edge window), so it is better for me to monitor the memory and CPU usage of pages and extensions as I browse the pages.

@Allison_Pastewka забыл добавить. нагрузка на ресурсы происходит в версиях dev и canary.



Don't know if this is too much or normal.
I have 8 GB RAM.
I have Edge Beta with 2 profiles: 1 open with 3 pages and 2 open with 3 pages.

Memory 57%
CPU 8%




I've tried several browsers. I would recommed that you take a look at how Slimjet manages memory. I have found that Slimjet is the chromium browser that has the least impact on memory.





any new information? the last post is 8/31

Thank you for the additional information regarding the memory and CPU usage you're seeing on your devices. We're using this information as we continue to work on ways to improve performance of the new Edge browser.

@Allison_Pastewka I have been seeing my CPU usage getting stuck on 150% right after I download attachments from the Fastmail web interface. I can replicate this every time.


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 13.52.03.png


I am running Dev on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6.

@harbortype  Thanks for reaching out! I just tried the repro steps that you provided on Dev build 79.0.301.2 and didn't see a spike in CPU. Can you please try updating your Dev build to see if the issue still persists and let me know. Thanks!

@Allison_Pastewka It seems to be working now. Thank you for having a look into it.

@harbortype Fantastic! Thanks for confirming :)



This is an update.

I have 8 GB RAM.
I have Edge Beta with 2 profiles: 1 open with 1 page and 2 open with 1 page.

609.2 MB

There's an image.

@josegime47 Thanks for reaching out! Would you be willing to provide more information?

@Allison_Pastewka In latest beta version(79.x) NTP uses more memory in comparison with previous version(78.x)(more than 2X with same setting)



Gladly. What kind of information do you require?.


There are 2 most common places that I usually get high system resource usage
1. randomly on this forum which leads to that tab being unresponsive and I have to force close it.
2. on VK.com when viewing my feed which contains many images, gifs, videos files etc. in there the scrolling beings to lag and the whole experience becomes painfully slow and laggy.
Edge classic with EdgelHTML engine loads that page very smoothly.

using Windows 10 latest version fully updated.

@josegime47 For privacy reasons, can you please file feedback (click on the smile in the top right hand corner) and in that feedback item can you please provide what device you are seeing the issue on, including the specs of the device (memory/RAM + processor), what OS build you are on, what beta build you are on and steps that I can follow to try and repro the issue. Please be sure to provide your email address in the feedback item so that I can continue to follow up with you. When you have submitted the feedback please let me know. Thanks for your willingness to provide more information!


Ok. There are somethings I don't understand. I don't understand "what device you are seeing the issue on, including the specs of the device (memory/RAM + processor". Is that my computer?.
Another thing, I don't have any issue, I'm only stating that
"I have 8 GB RAM.
I have Edge Beta with 2 profiles: 1 open with 1 page and 2 open with 1 page.
609.2 MB"
My only intention is to inform you of that fact because I don´t know if 609.2 MB is normal.





For example I also have Slimjet installed and the information is as follows:


Slimjet with 2 profiles: 1 open with 1 page and 2 open with 1 page:

320.5 MB




Edge Beta  609.2 MB

Slimjet 320.5 MB


That's almost double in the same conditions.