Flag to disable Tab Hover Cards is gone


I'm not sure what build I was on before, but I just updated to 91.0.825.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) and the flag (edge://flags) to disable the Tab Hover Cards no longer exists.


I use the Vertical Tabs feature (until Edge finally makes the tab row scrollable horizontally) and I usually have many tabs open. The Tab Hover Cards feature is extremely annoying for me as it hides 1) names of tabs above or below in the list; and 2) the close button of tabs above or below in the list.


In the meantime, I've found that this thread discusses a way to temporarily bring back the flag. However, I'd like to ask that Edge brings back the flag permanently or an actual setting to disable Tab Hover Cards.

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they were expired and still are that way in Dev, you can bring them back by enabling this:

However, in the upstream channel, they have been unexpired by default, so the flag has returned.
Dev channel will get this update in the next schedule.
I see. The "unexpire-flags-m90" is what I used to get back the Tab Hover Cards flag back earlier today, but it's good to know that the latter will be unexpired by default in the next update. Thanks for your reply!
You're welcome :)
It appears that it's gone again.