Feature request: sidebar for favorites

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If someone has many favorites the favorites bar is to small an the solution via "other favorites"-Button is not veriy nice. The Menu could be very complex when you have many folders.



Especially for user who comming from the old browsers (IE, EdgeHTML) the new solution for accessing favorites is new and sometimes unhandy or unusual.


I mis the favorites sidebar from the old Edge. Please add this feature to the new Microsoft Edge.


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You don't have to use other favorites, just use the little arrow in the favorites bar or use the favorite button








@HotCakeX: I know about this.


ButI think that I have a better overview about my favorites in sidebar than in cascaded menus on the rigth side of the favorites bar. - It's my opinion.
In the sidebar I can open folders permanently and don't have to open all the cascaded menus every time.

Oh okay, I showed those screenshots because your post seemed to mean that the only option is that "other favorites" folder. I like a sidebar too, I use it myself on Edge classic and Firefox that has it :smile:

I miss sidebar of the old edge too…… If they didn't remove the feature, I would have given up Chrome already……