[Feature Request] Expand Sidebar Experience with Custom Websites and Vertical Panel

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Hello everyone! Loving Edge so far and it's easily on its way to becoming my favorite browser and the one I recommend to family and friends unequivocally. Until then, here's one of the big show-stoppers that I think would make a great addition upon the existing backbone in place:

A thin vertical side panel to clean up the elements that utilize the flyout or sidebar experience and the ability to add websites to this list. Opera is a famous browser that has some of these features but I think the more direct comparison here is from Vivaldi Browser.


Here is a basic Vivaldi window the panel on the right side (to match existing Edge behavior more closely). Items like bookmarks, downloads, notes, and window are listed along with some custom websites I've added for the demo.

In Edge's case, this would of course be Favorites, Downloads, History, and Collections. However, adding other websites like instant messengers, media sources, task managers, or knowledge resources are incredibly helpful in making these items a persistent part of the browser experience.


Beyond that, there are some useful considerations in the context menu:


Anyway, I've said enough, if you're curious to see more about what I mean, you can check out Vivaldi for yourself. A powerful feature like this being brought to a browser with the level of polish as Edge would be a HUGE win in terms of personal productivity.


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