Feature request: copy Edge Chromium Profile data to a new profile

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For company reasons I have to create a new profile in Edge Chromium (how about calling it Chredge?). I would love now to copy all my data from my current profile to the new profile, but it seems that there isn't yet an option for that.

Also the favorites importer can't import them from Edge Chromium tied to another Edge Chromium profile.




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User data are all neatly compartmentalized in your Windows user profile. For my default profile in Edge Stable, the data are in this folder:

"%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default"

and the first new profile will use this one:

"%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Profile 1"


Just copy the contents of the first into the second (with all instances of Edge closed, of course). 

@Noel Burgess 

Ah perfect, thanks! I somehow missed the folder "default" and didn't realize that there is my profile. Copying the whole content over to my already newly created profile, with overwriting all files, seems to have worked perfectly. I only need to login to some of the websites again, but that was expected.

I found one issue by doing that, it will kill the sync function and it seems that it can't be repaired. I opened a new thread for this:

@patoberli Bump.    Any update on this? 

@JimWardJr19 I did manage to do it, by creating a new profile, closing edge and then copying just the interesting files (that took quite some work) over to the new profile folder. It took me several tries until it worked as I wanted.