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I am looking for a way to automatically install the extension program without using the Microsoft Store in a closed network (company internal network) environment, not in an AD environment.



Based on the above document, we tested the ExtensionInstallAlowList, ExtensionInstallSources, and ExtensionInstallForceList group policies.


The test process I conducted is as follows.

I created CRX files and PEM files through edge://extensions Pack etxtension
The extension's CRX ID is "hokhpckegchafpgoignlmbbgkpjecjai".


1. I created the gupdate.xml file as follows. Please refer to the cf1 in the attached photo.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<gupdate xmlns='http://www.google.com/update2/response' protocol='2.0'>
<app appid='hokhpckegchafpgoignlmbbgkpjecjai'>
<updatecheck codebase='http://~~~~~/~~~~~/hokhpckegchafpgoignlmbbgkpjecjai.crx' version='0.9.1' />


2. ExtensionInstallAllowList : I added the CRX ID of the extension program I made. Please refer to the cf2 in the attached photo.



3.ExtensionInstallSources : I added URL for server with CRX and gupdate.xml. Please refer to the attached photo cf4.



4.ExtensionInstallForceList : I created using the CRXID and gupdate.xml routes to match the given example. Please refer to the cf3 in the attached photo.



The server URL I configured certainly contains the CRX and gupdate.xml files and does not automatically install the extension program.


I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what's wrong with the test process I ran and how to automatically install the program I made in the closed network environment (company internal network) instead of AD!!

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I'm not an expert in this field, but CRX doesn't provide the right level of security, and the Microsoft Store provides verification and security.
What do you think?