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a way to log with an account a and install extension on account b,c,d,e in such way we could even create default list on account a (not available at the moment) and install such extension easily on all other sync account (without need to use bookmarks or other methods) OR a way to export list from account a to b. 


obviously if i install the extension from account a and i use account b for sync, then the extension need to be sync with account b (not a)


about the list: i mean a feature to add extension to favourite, to groups (example research/video/datahoarding/...)


another option would be: create a list and share the link to other user.




1) remember to add last added extension order during searching.


2) an "already visited" badge over the extension would be useful too (but not important)


3) maybe even a panel "last visited extension"...


4) if i visit extension a, you should show me suggestion for extensions a1, a2, a3, a4 too


5) maybe a way to subscribe to specific topics or users so i can see new extension inside my feed. 


6) Please remember the notification "chrome version is already installed" if i try to reinstall the same from edge... like i suggested you weeks ago.



PS: until now i never tried to sync manual installed extension, if this is not supported, you should add it too. Another option that could help, but until now i never needed in edge, is "disable extension auto update" for extension x,y,z no matter which user/browser/mac i use (especially useful if the new version is simply worse or other reason).



so all these suggestions are something like https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1130326 and





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