Edge on iPad looks outdated

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Edge looks outdated on my iPad Air 3. In the screenshots on the App store you are showcasing rounded tabs but the version that is downloaded does not have that. Another thing is that when I specifically choose to only show Desktop versions of all sites I still get the Mobile version of Google. These are some very important drawbacks of the iPad version and is sadly keeping me from using it.
The provided screenshot shows both how the tabs look but also the mobile version of Google.


Edge version: 45.12.4
IOS: 14.3

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Actually it's up to date after a checkin in my Iphone i have edge 45.12.4 on IOS 14.4.
For your mobile problem you must go to : Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Site Display Settings -> Select "View desktop site"

@SlowNicoFishYes, it looks outdated, the favorites button is old. Here is the new favorites icon: 



I have the computer version: Version 88.0.705.50 (Official build) (64-bit) but that icon should be on iPad too.

nope Since edge is forced to use the webkit of apple it don't follow the same version (as android), the sync with the news edge is enabled and they don't have (for now) repercuted the news theme on ios.
I check update on my iphone every day and 45.12.4 is the last stable version on IOS 14.4

@Wittycat I actually did this specifically and the page does not change :sad:

@Wittycat The version is the latest that exists on the app store but my point is that they aren't keeping up with the PC version. And that the screenshots does not match the actual app. The interface can be changed and does not rely on webkit, look at firefox and brave for example. They have their own interface, I'm not complaining on the rendering engine itself, just the user interface and the way the engine seems to be implemented.

maybe they have updated the store page, and the news version is in the test flights.
All i can say there isn't a public version newer than the one we use for now.