Edge not loading Whatsapp web QR Code

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Chrome is doing the same and thats why i started to use EDGE DEV, but after a few days is happening the same, the QR Code just keeps loading, i tried to fix it erasing the cookies but didn't work, any idea of how to fix this? or is a bug?. 


Also, i love the new edge, and how it imports everything from Chrome, just to leave completely Chrome i would love to have the password generator from chrome. I love how i can easily create new passwords and be saved in the password vault. is this going to be implemented in edge? thanks!



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@stuka85 I see the QR code loaded correctly on my machine.  What Dev version are you running?  I'm on version  

Hello! this is the version!
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

i think it stop working after the update on wednesday or thursday. first i tried to open up the web whatsapp again but i didn't load, just keep telling me that my phone was offline, so i logged out to log in again, and now the QR doesn't load.

@stuka85 have you tried clearing out your cache?  You can press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys to bring up Clear browsing data dialog.

@Eric_MS Noupe, same results, cleared the data from the last 7 days, (Installed edge before the last 7 days) :(

@stuka85 Does the QR code work in an InPrivate Window?

@Eric_MS no, works on old edge, but not in dev edge.



@stuka85Can you try Canary build and let us know?  Canary and Dev can be on the same machine.

I'm having the same problem right now, i haven't found the way to make it work on Edge

@cristhianflores I have been facing same challenge. First this happened in Chrome, I switched to Firefox, it happened there, now Edge & Opera also. WHich new browser to go now?