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I cannot find a way to change the news on the Edge default home page. I live in Czechia and all news are in Czech, but I don't speak the language so I want everything in English. I have checked all the language settings possible in my windows and everything is set to English. I am guessing it is taking Czech language from the timezone setting!??

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yes it's possible, have you tried changing the Windows time zone to your Correct time zone for your location and see if it changes the news on the new tab page?

other than that, it could get the location from IP address (could be your real location or Proxy/VPN etc)

also here:

but I think you already covered them.

@HotCakeX hello. My time zone is correct. I am located in Czech Republic. but I want the news feed to be in English since I barely speak 3 phrases in Czech :)


Oh, well in that case I don't think there is currently a way to easily change the language (in Edge insider settings) for the news in NTP (new tab page) just like you can do in msn.com home page by clicking on the gear and selecting language.

so looks like currently it only detects language based on other factors as mentioned above

@HotCakeX I think the same. It must be tied to the region setting. However, would be a cool feature if the developers can add a setting to change the language. while for most people it is relevant by default, it would be nice to have this option.  


Yes totally agree with you

something like this must be added


Annotation 2019-10-21 123611.png





Now added the ability to change the location for news content on the new tab page in Version 81.0.387.0

More info: