Edge closing into thin air when trying to print

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I am hoping you can assist.

We have an issue where a handful of users attempt to print from MS Edge Chromium. When they select any printer and click print, the browser immediately closes without dumping any form of crash error. 


This even happens when choosing 'Print to PDF'...


Google yields very little and this also happens on the experimental versions of Edge but does not happen using other browsers.


Any ideas?

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What version number of Edge are you seeing this in?



Version 103.0.1264.62 (Official build) (64-bit)


Still currently facing the issue and unfortunately having to use Chrome again which is not ideal.



When it happens, it very much sounds like a crash, so I'm curious if, once you open Edge back up, you see any entries in edge://crashes.

No crash record found whatsoever unfortunately.

Still experiencing this problem and we cannot believe that there is still no fix and are not sure where to turn.