Edge Chromium and Credential Manager

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I am having an issue with the new Edge and websites that uses the credential manager. When accessing these pages in Internet Explorer or in Edge with IE Mode you will get the option save the password but this option isn't avaible when using the native Edge. 


I have tried putting the address in Intranet sites for Internet Explorer but to no avail. Does anybody know how to fix this? I don't want to use IE Mode on sites that works in native mode except for this issue.



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what do you mean by "websites that uses the credential manager" ?

and this "I have tried putting the address in Intranet sites for Internet Explorer but to no avail." ?





I will try to make things more clear.

When accessing a page like facebook you can load the page without a username and password. If you want to access your own account you have to log in by putting your username and password in the forms on the website. When doing this with the new Edge you can chose to save the password in Edge and you can check the password in the settings menu in Edge.


The problem arises when accessing a website that asks for a username and password before it loads. I think this may be "Basic Authentication" but I am not sure. When accessing a page with the "configuration" you get the promts for username and password that you can see in the pictures in the first message.


If I use Internet Explorer I get the option to save the password which then is saved in the Windows Credential Manager and not the browser as in the Facebook example. If I use Edge the option to save the password doesnt show at all.


The link below says that you should put the site you want to access in trusted sites and another link I found before said to put the site in Intranet Sites. I have tried both but still no success




I hope this explanation gives you a better understanding of the problem.

That question belongs to 4 years ago. the term "Edge" in that question refers to the Edge classic. so it's normal that the solution provided there doesn't work in the new Edge.



Yes sure that may be true which leads us to the question. How to I fix this...

You can make your websites compatible with the new browser and also take care of your PKI so they will be compatible with the new technology too.