Edge Android Beta Evaluation

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I'm currently trying out the latest android beta version of edge on my lg velvet 5g phone that's using version 13 of the android operating system. Quite frankly at least so far this browser seems somewhat limited compared to the android browser I currently have set as my default (Vivaldi). The vivaldi android browser is very customizable in most every area, I was really hoping that by now that android edge would have been considerably improved by now. I plan on continuing to evaluate the browser for a while longer as I'm thinking it's possible that I'm just too impatient with certain thing's in my life for some reason since I've gotten older. 

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Could you share some feedbacks like what you mean by the customizable?
It could be features missing in the Microsoft Edge or wish list (it would be nice to have).
You have a Feedback option in Microsoft Edge which you may share you feedbacks with the product team.
I do appreciate you responding to my original posting, I'm thinking I'm going to keep evaluating the browser to see what I'm satisfied with and what I'm not. One item that I'm not satisfied with in comparison to android vivaldi is not having the ability to play video/sound in the background with my phone screen turned off.
Thank you for the feedback, it would be good idea to explorer it and share your feedback using the Feedback menu.