Edge 87+ Bug - BSOD with USB Device

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New Edge 87 and Chrome 87 - both have issue. I am assuming it is a bug from adding new Mac support. On Dell XPS 17 9700... when using StarTech USB over IP device. If I hit Connect Device in USB Server utility (in screenshot) to connect to USB Device over IP. Computer crashes\bluescreens. Does this both on Edge 87 and Chrome 87. Never had this issue with previous versions. If web browser is closed, computer does not crash, when connecting USB device.


Gigabit 1 Port USB over IP Device Server - USB & PS/2 Devices (startech.com)

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which version of Windows 10 are you using?
@DanMc85 Then it's probably a bug of Chromium. Please press Alt+Shift+I on a Windows device, if you can, to notify the team.
Well as a workaround make sure browser is closed when connecting your device,
you can use the Feedback hub app to file a problem report about this since it's affecting Windows too, it will capture additional data to help fix the problem

As a workaround, other than using Firefox... for now at least, I was exploring around in edge://flags/


I found:


Enable new USB backend
Enables the new experimental USB backends for macOS and Windows – Mac, Windows



I changed it from Default to Disabled and restarted the browser.

Launched my USB over IP application.

So far the computer has not blue screened since making this change.


The Bluescreen BSOD Error was: Kernel Security Check Failure

Not sure how Edge is triggering Kernel BSOD's.