Which platform these "unavailable" flags are available on?

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Normally the flags say which platforms they are available on, e.g. – Mac, Windows, Linux

these flags don't say anything, just that it's not available on your platform.


they are not available on Android either, Edge on Android only has 1 flag and it's neither of these.


please send feedback from Edge browser about this issue, so that Edge team will hopefully specify available platforms in future updates.

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@HotCakeX Just checking - is it on iOS?


Nothing to check, there are details missing there that Edge developers forgot to add.

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@HotCakeX I believe these flags are from the chromium base itself. I remember seeing these flags in Chrome before Chromium-based Edge is a thing yet. Not sure what those flags meant to do. 


Here's a screenshot from Chrome v86.0.4240.198: 



Thanks, so they are for Chrome OS and Android, I think Edge needs to specify that like in your screenshot. I'll send feedback attaching that screenshot to it.