Does Google still have a presence in this new Edge Chromium?

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Ok, soooo I update Canary to its latest version "Version 81.0.394.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)" and click the restart button... Edge Canary restarts and as I search through the settings page to see if I can spot anything new, I go into "Privacy and Services"  and for the heck of it, I look to see what is in the "Tracking Prevention; Blocked Trackers"  And look, it's google! 

Annotation 2020-01-15 120218.jpg

Now how does google already get blocked when I've gone NO Where except the settings page...  Google must still have some tracking code hidden in Edge Chromium or in one of the 7 extensions I have installed, that came from the Microsoft Edge Store.... 

Annotation 2020-01-15 175437.jpg

I hope Tracking is truly Blocking Google...



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Even though you haven't gone to, Google has its tracking cookies all over the web.
even the NTP and the contents it shows has cookies.
you can block 3rd party cookies for now
Yeah, that is one of the first things I do, "block 3rd party cookies"... When you click the restart button after update and the only page that opens is the settings page, it does make one wonder..... Google the unstoppable data miner...

You're using the Strict option?
Yep.. sure am...