Different problems and missing features

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Greg Whitworth (Microsoft Edge Team) recommended me to write my feedback here.


1. Why is the window design not aligned with W10?


2. The logo is rendered in poor quality



3. The text redenerization engine is totally different from w10 and looks just as bad as Chorme's. the previous one was much better, at the level of Firefox.


4. in Spanish the profile text appears cut.



5. As the new version replaces the old Ege, I lost all my PDF notes of the work, also the option of adding new ones disappeared.



6. The design in general has much to improve, I use the browser in W10 so I hope that the design follows the same Fluent Design guidelines as the rest of the OS, I am not using a third-party browser.



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Try the canary channel for more features, specially PDF

although it's true you won't be able to add notes in PDFs yet (it's going to be added in future), but you can view the notes added using legacy Edge