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Is there any way to outright disable immersive reader for a particular website? Preferrably via Group Policy and it has to be on a per-website basis.


We have a web-based point of sale at work, we override the F9 key (and have done for the last 12yrs) to provide specific functionality, and on web pages where we have overridden the key it doesn't initiate the immersive reader.


However if a person clicks in the address bar and then presses 'f9', it reloads the currently being viewed part of the point of sale into the immersive reader, which since moving from IE to Edge Chromium has been causing us a lot of problems as staff, etc... are confused about what they have done.

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Also looking to disable the F9 for Immersive Reader functionality. This is a frequently used keyboard shortcut with Ellucian's Colleague ERP. Prior to Edge version 91.0.864.37 I did not have the browser bringing up Immersive Reading when hitting F9.
Pages can opt-out of reading mode by adding the following META tag

<meta name="IE_RM_OFF" content="true">
Old thread, but not answered and I had this same problem where I needed to disable F9 for the Immersive Reader as it was interfering with another F9 shortcut.

You can configure the Edge policy "Configure the list of commands for which to disable keyboard shortcuts".

Here is the policy reference:

Here is the list of configurable MS Edge commands: