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Used to be able to right-click on a picture (on the site) and choose save as a picture, or open it in new tab. Both these have been missing for a couple of weeks now. Have to resort to Edge PB to do my work. Have posted in feedback, but perhaps there a new setting that I'm not aware of

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I found out that if you right click as soon as the mouse gets on the image all the options show, but if you wait a few seconds, they don't.
Thanks for the info. You have to be very quick, but only works the first time. Subsequent tries fail
Weird, I can do it consistently.
Sorry, used the wrong Edge to try it out. This was the public build. Updated the Canary and it works consistently.
Thanks again
I was talking about the public build (Version 120.0.2210.61).
P.S: Just updated to Version 120.0.2210.77 and it seems like the bug is fixed!
Updated public build as well and confirm your finding