Add favorite to current selected folder, Always can't current selected folder?

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Consider following scenario:


1. Edge Favorite, for better-arrangement purpose, I have some folder and in each folder, there are some sub-folders as following:

Such As:


    Folder1-1,           Folder1-2,          Folder1-3

         fav1, fav2...         fav3, fav4...        fav5, fav6...


1. I Select "Folder1-1" and add a favorite in it.

2. Next I Select "Folder1-3", Since I want add another favorite in it, so I do the following steps:

   a. Select "Folder1-3", Click right mouse key on this folder

   b. Select "Add this page to favorites", context menu item


   ▲Result: By default, Folder show: Folder1-1, So I have to select current folder "Folder1-3" manually

        By Default, folder will be folder operated last time.


   ■Expected Result:

         i) Folder show:  "Folder1-3", in other words, Folder = current selected folder

         ii) if I click "Add this page to favorites", favorite will be added into "Folder1-3", in other words, Folder = current selected folder


Chrome is OK, the right way as above.

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