Configuration page dividing line

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This one is for those with OCD


For those using vertical guides
The dividing line of the settings page by default is misaligned with the windows search bar




I know that any user can move the line
And I also know that this may just be bull**bleep**

But I remember that in the first versions of the vertical guide, the size of the vertical guide was not aligned with the Windows Start icon

Today is aligned



So for that reason I believe that you can leave the dividing line of the settings aligned with the windows search bar when the vertical tab is activated

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Use the feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i ) for sending feedbacks/problems/suggestions.

because if you want to really discuss this, my opinion is that it's not important, and rather funny. the slider can be moved left/right easily.

Hello @HotCakeX 

You are right
It is not a legitimate discussion


But I would like to know people's opinions
If they want to talk about the subject of alignment
Feel free to comment


i personally have hidden the search box and i use the Start button or search button





An excellent choice too
The dividing line ends up behaving well in this mode

That kinda looks weird and odd though . I would send feedback about it as well.


you know, i figured out that you don't even need the search area. when you press the start button on screen or on your keyboard, you can start typing and you automatically use the search box.

start menu is multi-purpose 

Yeah, I have heard suggestions of me to remove that big but I just prefer it. I just like how winodws is by default. I also love that the wording have changed every update