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Hello everyone

I would like everyone to share your extensions here and the reasons for you to use them

It doesn't matter if it's an extension of the edge or chrome or firefox or etc.


(Please put the name and the link)

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Enhancer for YouTube (I no longer need to pause the videos to see the comments, as it will follow the scroll bar) (Always have a beautiful landscape when opening a new tab)


Microsoft Editor (Always helping me with spelling)



The extensions I use with the reasons are as follows:

  1. Norton Safe Web - I use it to check the security of the website and for the banking protection feature which the extension gives.
  2. Volume Master - I use it to boost the volume because some videos are inaudible even if the volume is at 100%
  3. Grammarly - I use it to check spellings and enhance my grammar. The Grammarly editor (included with this extension) gives me a chance to check my grammar skills when I am writing something, even when I am writing a post on Microsoft Tech Community.
  4. Video Downloader for YouTube - I use it to download videos from YouTube.
  5. Speedtest - To check the speed of my internet directly from the toolbar.
  6.  Amazon Assistant - It helps me to check the products directly when I am on other websites.
  7. Honey - For discounts on various stores.

Hello @TheShaunSaw 


An excellent list of extensions

Could you share the extensions link with us?



I edited the post and added the links :smile: