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Why restrict collections to a sidebar pane?  Why can't it be a standalone browser session and you drag and drop to that?  That sidebar pane is cool, specially how it updates other sidebar panes open in other browsers at the same time (very cool) but...having a entire browser would provide enough real estate to give users 'in effect' multiple sidebars at once, and provide opportunities for functionality such as dragging and dropping links/text/ images into the pane as children of previous items already saved...example:  you drop a url into the collection, then you add links/images/text from that url's web page as children of the original item.  In addition, they could also drop items from other web pages into that same original posted item, meaning they could also use it to organize by a given subject within the collection, use it as a research tool.  Users could organize an entire web page and that pages' links/text/images together as one entity, so to speak, as well as related material.

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@JIm_H2265 +1 from me.
Collections can be so much more powerful, it's a killer feature and the reason I initially tried edge after using Chrome for years.

I've tried so many extensions and all seem to have one feature I like while sacrificing the rest. Would love to see some collections updates!

Not directly related to edge but Microsoft needs to decide what "notes" are, sticky notes, OneNote, and notes in Collections.
Sorry just ranting haha :xd:

Windows Edge Browser. Collection tool, management page. Local tool.
Please add some new thing. It's hard to use collection now.
We need search bar, a way to share our collection.
We need management tool, page.