The bug where Edge’s Collections feature disappears after an automatic upgrade.

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After repeated testing, I have discovered that both the stable version 124 and the Dev version 125 of Edge exhibit the same bug: the Collections feature disappears and becomes unusable after the Collections data automatically upgrades.

The specific testing process and its behavior are as follows: After exiting the current logged-in profile and deleting its data, the Collections feature is present and usable.

Then, after logging into the account profile and syncing the data, the Collections feature remains present and usable.

However, at some point when opening Collections, it will display ‘Data is upgrading, and more features will be available after the upgrade.’ Once the upgrade is complete and Edge is reopened, the Collections button is found to be missing, rendering the feature unusable.

This situation has occurred consistently across multiple tests.

In conclusion, this may be an issue with the new Collections feature in these two versions of Edge, and I hope Microsoft can fix it soon!

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