Chromium Issue 944809

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I recently filed an issue with the Chromium project (#944809) which impacts the ability to watch streams using low latency (FTL) protocol.  I tested the current canary version of Edge and it too seems to suffer the same problem and I assume that is because it is built on the same base.  I have submitted feedback via the smiley face in Edge.  I hope someone can look into and resolve this issue since it has been open since March 22nd with little action.

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Thank you for alerting us to this issue, @mhacker. As soon as it gets fixed in Chromium, we should pick up the fix.

@Elliot Kirk Not sure if it was a Windows 10 issue or a Chromium issue but with Windows build 10.0.18875 and the latest Edge ( the FTL issue is resolved.

Great, I am happy that you are now unblocked!