Edge Dev - Favourite import fails

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When trying to manually import my "Favourites" from Edge to Edge Dev Preview, I receive the following error message: 


Unfornately no favourites visable from within "Favourites Manager".

Edge Preview - Import Favourites fails.png

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That's not great @Gino Barletta. I'm really sorry that this happened to you. I have sent this thread to one of the owners of our first run experience.
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@Gino Barletta 

I am sorry to hear that. There are still some rough edges that we need to iron out.

To help me find the issue, can you do a few things;

  1. Ensure that the old Edge bookmarks work. Sometimes when the old Edge favorites DB gets corrupted, then the import may fail.
  2. Add and remove a few dummy bookmarks just to refresh the database. Then close the old Edge. Make sure you goto the Task Manager > Details and kill all the running Edge processes there as well.Untitled.png3.png
  3. Make sure that the New Edge is also closed. Kill the processes if you see them in Task manager.
  4. Now open the New Edge and run your import scenario.
  5. When you hit this issue, click on the smiley icon and send us the logs by confirming, so we can dive deeper into it.

Let me know if you have hit it again.

@rishavsharanMany thanks for your valuable feedback and a resolution to this issue.

Closing existing Edge application, and then performing favourites import has now worked :) 

Appreciate your input to resolution of this issue. +1

@Gino Barletta 

Happy to hear that. We will keep investigating this issue from our side.