Bug: Edge won't let me write properly when webpage is translated to English | Version 83.0.461.1

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When webpage is translated from another language to English and then I try to write something into a text box or comment area in that page, Edge actively tries to translate the text I'm writing, even when it's already in English.


I recorded a quick demo video, please watch it to see how the bug happens:





Microsoft Edge Version 83.0.461.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

also sent feedback from browser + problem repro.


anyone can reproduce it on other channels? 

the website I tested this on

I can reproduce it on other websites such as VK.com


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Okay I think Edge is doing it right actively translating my text input but it should do it in the opposite language.
so for example if I go to a Spanish or Russian site and then decide to write a comment there, I want to write in English or whatever my input language is, but Edge should translate it to the language of the web page.
what is happening now instead is that Edge first translates the whole page, then when i start typing in English, it thinks i'm writing in a non-English language so it translates English to English, hence that mess happens.


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@HotCakeX Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I found an active bug for this--based on an in-browser feedback submission we received--so our team is looking into it!


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