Blue/Greenscreen from streaming-sites

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Hi all, 


I've got a curious problem - I don't know where to put this problem, here or in the Windows10 Insider-Forum, but it only happens with Edge so i decided to post it here.


Because I like what MS did to Edge I switched it to my main browser.

But every time I started a stream to watch a movie/series on "Netflix/Disney/Amazon" (whatever). I got a blue/green screen "Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver"


It's not world-dooming-problem to my, but im curious on how this event is triggerd every freaking time! (I sometimes forgett it^^).

Also I tested it on all the browser out there (Brave, FF, Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera) and it happend ONLY on Edge (Normal Edge (91.0.864.54) Dev Edge (93.0.916.1)

I've got all the newest drivers/win version(Insider) etc.

Am I the only one who has such a problem?



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hello, in your photo, they say that insider build has a problem, they collect informations and restart the computer... Did you do that ? your computer has restarted ? and you always have this problem ?
Hi Tio_Dep

Of course, sendet the data through feedback-hub, sendet some data through edge-feedback-up
I know that on the picture stands "insider build has a problem" --> but it happens only on edge and on no other 'chromium'-based browser or ff - and yes, the event appears every single time :D (and I tried it a couple of times out)
Since you are using the Insider build make sure report this issue through the Feedback Hub app.
Try update the Graphic Card driver.