New EDGE interface on Android Tablets

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Trying to use the new MS EDGE on my android tablet but I think the interface is not ready yet.

I have a couple of annoying bugs in particular that keeps me away from using the browser on the tablet:


- a few pixels bar just on top of every page: sometimes it's white, sometimes it's grey but it's definitely a blank space between the address bar and the content area that isn't present on smartphone UI. When the address bar is hidden the blank bar is hidden too, seems like it's something "attached" to the bottom of the address bar, in fact it follows the bar when it's auto-hiding.



- the three dots menu it's not customizable like on the smartphone interface, you can't reorder all the icons


The bugs are the same on all android new edge versions: beta, dev, and I assume they're not top priority.  


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_for the menu, i think it will be change later because in vertical using, there is always the message which ask us to turn the tablet, but it doesn't change anything...
-for the small colored bar, you can use in the menu, >send feedback > and then you can explain and you can send a screenshot !

ok, feedback sent

Any idea what can trigger the white/grey horizontal space on the bottom of the address bar?

It goes away together with the address bar when it auto-hides, so it's definitely part of the browser UI. 

The glitch is present also while browsing pages like edge://xxxxxx, especially while in dark mode, on white background it's not as easy to spot, but it's there.


The tablet is working at its default dpi/font setting, I tried to change those settings but the bar doesn't  go away with any combination.


Explained almost everything in the feedback.


Only I noticed with bigger fonts the dots menu switches to a list interface instead of the classic buttons, but I think that's intended: it does the same on the smartphone. 

And yes, there's a message to turn the tablet "vertical", but that doesn't work of course.  


Ah, and the image of the day? no way to show that on tablet interface, that's another thing not working on tablet, completely missing.



I completely agree with you on all these points : image of the day, it's very disappointed, THIS is Edge, this is the edge particularity that i like... And for the adress bar, i have the same problem, i hope that it's maybe for a next feature, but i think it's not that...