Any plans for an Edge CLI?

Dave Glick

Firefox and Chrome both have a robust CLI that can do things like start with a specific profile, launch URLs, etc. Any plans to add something similar to Edge?


Where I find this really valuable is managing multiple profiles for things like Azure. I currently have a Firefox shortcut with the command:

C:\Program Files\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe" -no-remote -p work-profile

That launches Firefox in my separate work profile so I'm already authenticated using my work identity, and then opens tabs for Azure and Azure DevOps. I use it daily and would love to have the ability to do something similar with Edge.

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@Dave Glick 


Features like this we could probably see when enterprise channels are released for testing.


Thanks for the suggestion,





@V-FRROME I'd guess this functionality is way more general than an Enterprise channel. Both Firefox and Chrome have robust CLI support and folks have done really cool stuff with it. And even though my specific example is work vs. personal, I could just as easily see doing similar with multiple personal personas (different OSS accounts, multiple family users, etc.)

It's based off chromium, so there is general assumption until mentioned otherwise that command line parameters will be there. Plus there is no reason to assume as well that there won't be when internet explorer and classic edge had their own launch parameters as well.

@Dave Glick have you tried running Edge with your command line that you use for Chrome? It should work. I just tried the one you pasted in your initial question, and it seems to work as expected - but I could be wrong. A lot of the parameters are new to me. 


If you have specific examples of some of the parameters not working, we'd love to hear about those...

@johnjansen OMG, that actually worked. Can't believe I didn't bother to just try it. I ended up following the advise at to figure out the internal profile name, but after that everything worked perfectly.


This is great, @Dave Glick,.  I am glad that we were able to pleasantly surprise you.

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