add info to the warning when enable External store possibility

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I think it's a good idea to modify the warning to those who enable that, in fact is cool to have this option but one thing bug me.


What about distant uninstallation, if Microsoft on his store found a malware it can (like all browser) trigger a distant uninstallation or at lease disable it (the extension).


But now if you use an extension from another store and google send this trigger to chrome user edge will not respond to it (normal since google don't have the control over edge (and it's better like that)).


So i thinks it's good to warn user this option isn't possible to external store and by activate this function even if Google found a malware they will be exposed.


edit : i ask for other the only two extension i use are from edge store :


the one i trust the most (i have created it source on GitHub) :

Aelisya on Edge Store


the other is Ublock-origin : 

Ublock-origin on Edge Store 

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I'm testing your extension on Edge dev and I have a couple of questions.

in the description it says: "AMP redirection (Compatible with Manifest V3)"
but isn't AMP only used in mobile devices? I've never been offered AMP version of a page on desktop. how can it benefit desktop users?

I like the scrollbar, looks awesome!

And if you can please explain more about this feature
" Use Declarative Net request so more fast and secure than one who use webrequest."


no problem.
AMP redirection is for when a mobile user share a link and come on your computer (i have that very often, so i have done this in the extension (isn't used by all i think))

For the scrollbar thanks the UX designer of Microsoft Edge i have tried to clone the scrollbar from edge settings.

For declarative net request it's more secure/private and fast because it tel to the browser what to do with the request.

For instance (i use regexp but i tell a exemple without it for being clear).
I tell edge when you receive a link https://amp-blablabla/original-pages you redirect to
original page.

Where web request you have to read the url in js (why it's slower) and do the redirection yourself.
So with declarative net request the extension don't have the right to read the content, where webrequest can


The code is available on github (and all function isn't immutable, if some user can explain me why i have to remove a function i can do it), and the licenses is VERY restrictive, but i have wanted to let it open-sources even if the license is very strict because i don't want anyone to "just" trust me.


I prove that my extension don't do anything bad : GITURL