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In Chrome, I really like the fact that the address bar was also a calculator (among others things). I simply had to press  F4 (to enter the address bar) and enter a calculation and then the result is displayed in the suggestion. 


Could you please add this feature?





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Well I tried again just now and it's working. Sorry for that. 


But it's not working in "InPrivate" mode. Could you fix that?

There is a calculator app in your OS. And you should or may, also, have a Calculator key on your keyboard that will open it.


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Agreed, inPrivate or not, the browser should send the queries to the search engine and receive the result which in your case is a math calculation. :thumbs_up:
Yes, you're right, I could use my OS calculator but it is faster to use the Edge calculator from the address bar. The only problem is that it isn't available on InPrivate mode.
I dug up a little more and apparently few years ago you could actually get autocomplete/text prediction in Incognito mode of Google Chrome (InPrivate mode equivalent) but Google decided to remove that for whatever reason!
I hope Microsoft fixes their mess and allow text predictions/suggestions based on the keywords we type in the InPrivate browsing mode. doing that also means you'll get calculation results off your address bar.

Thanks a lot for your time @HotCakeX! Is there a better way to let know Microsoft that we want text predictions/suggestions in the InPrivate browsing than posting on this forum?

well you can try the Feedback button at the top-right (smiley button) to send your feedback. also the Edge team members are present in this forum if you want to contact them directly, they have this blue circle around their profile picture. though they usually come visit every forum post regularly and leave a comment.

you can also use this form to submit requests. though using the built-in browser feedback option let you send additional details like system diagnostics and screenshots to help the team understand the situation better.


Contact/submit to Microsoft Edge Insider Support

A terrific way to express your Feedback that receives a response from a MS Edge Tech with whom the issue can be discussed is HERE.  





Taking nothing away from your point... thought I'd mention, F4 does 'highlight' the address bar. And, one can then put a math query in it, hit Enter & see the answer.  This much can be done in InPrivate.


Calculator also works in Windows Defender Application Guard mode which is even more secure and isolated than the InPrivate mode. so now i'm sure it's definitely a bug that needs a fix.
Late to the party I am!

You can add it easily. Go to EDGE settings. Look for
"Privacy, search, and services / Address bar and search"

- Use google as your base default search engine.
- Now type in addressbar for your calc function.
It already does this. Just hit F4 or click in the address bar and type in your calculation. It shows the answer in the suggestion below. No need to activate it or install anything else, it's just there (for me, at least)