The problem that the ID selection screen is displayed even after obtaining PRT.

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I have implemented a Hybrid Azure AD Join and obtained a PRT.

Originally, it is recognized that you do not need to enter an ID and password after obtaining a PRT.

However, when I tried to access office 365 from Edge and Chrome, I couldn't SSO.

Specifically, the movement is as follows.


・First access → You will be asked to enter your ID. You are not prompted for a password.

・After closing the browser, the second access → ID selection screen is displayed. The ID says "Connected to Windows". You are not prompted for a password.

・From the third time onwards, the movement is the same as that of the second access.

・The extension of office 365 is installed in the Chrome browser.
・The user accessing the browser is the user who obtained the PRT.

・Since "Connected to Windows" is displayed in the ID, it is a recognition that PRT has been acquired.
・Even if you check with the command, PRT was acquired.


How can I SSO to office 365 without being prompted to enter or select an ID?

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