Immersive wrongly translated in Danish Word

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Description of the issue encountered

Learning Tools group is kind of strange translated in Danish


Language affected



Current translation (if applicable)



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The translation from the English "Immersive" to the Danish "Moderne" doesn't really make sense—"Moderne" means "modern".


The reason for choosing "Forenkling" is to be consistent med i.e. OneNote, where "immersive reader" is translated to "Forenklet læser".



Since "forenklet" means simplified maybe "immersive" should be changed from "forenklet" to "udvidet", which means extended and imo makes more sense.


Even "læser" should eventually be changed to "læsning" since a "læser" normally is a person and "læsning" is the reading.


So to summarize: In a perfect world the "Immersive Reader" should be changed to "Udvidet læsning" and the Immersive group should then be changed to "Udvid". It is maybe not the best translation but at this time I cannot put up a better one.


Be aware that in macOs "Læringsværktøjer" is placed in a group called "Fokus" together with the "Fokus" command which is not to be found in Windows.


In the online articled (see link below) "Immersive" is (MT) translated to "fordybende" and this is also used for the commands so again the online article doesn't match the commands in the applications which at least is very confusing. 


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Select the "Vis" tab





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1804 (9226.2114)


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Hi @Jørgen Koch ...Thanks for all the suggestions. You have given our Danish moderator plenty to ponder. It may take a while but we will report back in the Competitions PowerBI dashboard. Regards, Staff


Hi Staff


I now see, that I may seem a bit unclear about the suggested translation:


Immersive -> Udvidet

Immersive Reader -> Udvidet læsning


The only reason for using Forenklet is to be consistent with existing translations.