Announcing the October Office International Sway Contest



We want to hear how the localized (non-English) version of Sway is landing in your market. From October 12th to October 26th we are running a contest in search of the top language issues in localized versions of Sway.


We’re giving away a $100 Amazon voucher to the top 3 contributors in three categories:  

  • Highest creation of new, original posts – One winner will be selected who created the most new, original posts.
  • Best new, original post – One winner will be selected by the judges for what they believe to be the best post that results in changes to the Office User Interface, teaching call outs (if applicable) and/or help content.
  • New, original post with largest international impact – One winner will be selected by the judges for the post that has the largest impact across other languages (including source language). 

Here’s how to enter:   

  1. Using any browser, visit or use the free Sway app from the App Store or Windows Store. If you are new to Sway, have a look at this Getting Started article or the help content from Sway Help.  
  2. Set your language: Just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select ‘Change Language’ to your native language.
  3. Use the main scenarios in Sway:
  • Use ‘Create New’, ‘Start from a document’ or’ ‘Start from a Template’
  • Add text, images, videos, and audio
  • Use the Design and Remix features 
  • Add a password and share your Sway
  • Play, print or export your Sway

    4. If you see anything you think we should fix or improve, just submit your entry by selecting  “start a new conversation” in the Competitions space, adding a screenshot and as much detail as you can if applicable:

  • Description of issue
  • Steps to reproduce your issue
  • Browser used
  • Current translation
  • Suggested translation 
  • English text (if known)
  • Reason why you feel it should change 

Contest Rules

Full details of the contest, eligibility and rules are available in this post. Note: U.S. export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Therefore, residents of these countries/regions are not eligible to participate.


Your posts will be used to improve the localization quality of the Sway, as we review the feedback and implement suggested improvements. Thanks for showing your support for Office International products and services! 

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You can submit feedback here, in the Competitions space.