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We recently implemented Autopilot to build our new pcs for users.  We have a hybrid environment and when a device is autopiloted it is added to our onprem AD and AAD.  We had one user who would login to the pc with their admin account, during setup, so now the devices are listed under their devices in Intune/Entra.  We go in and change the primary user to the actual user but the device is still listed under the admins profile.  After changing the default user the device shows noncompliant and we can no longer manager, disable, or delete the device under the admin user.  The devices now show up under the correct end user's device listing and show fully compliant.  Is there a way to remove the old noncompliant listing under the admin user?  I'm at a complete loss.  

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What I figured out is that the device ID is deferent for the original and the new device listing. I used graph explorer to remove the incorrect device ID. 

It sounds like you've encountered a situation where an admin account was used during Autopilot on a device, causing some lingering issues. While the primary user is now correct, the admin account still shows a non-compliant device listing. Windows 10 Torrent