Delete an authentication entry - azure automation

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Probably not asking this in the proper group but didn't see one for "azure automation."  I have scheduled tasks to shut down (fri PM) then later restart (mon AM) several Azure virtual machines.  When creating these automation tasks it asks for connections (logins) to "Azure VM" and also "Office 365" as shown below:



When I pick on the ellipsis at right I see a list of "authentication users" - the problem is that I see my own login more than once and I think some of these somehow have old/expired passwords associated with them and as a result the scheduled tasks are failing.  How can I delete all the "login connections" and start from scratch?  Thanks in advance for your time...

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What is your steps on automation? 

  • Log into Azure portal
  • Select a VM
  • Scroll down and under Automation pick Tasks
  • I have 2 tasks for this VM - shut down Fri 8pm start up Mon 6am
  • Pick either task and it shows my "connections"
  • Pick the ellipsis at right (for one of the connections) and 4 entries appear - 3 of them are duplicates - want to delete them all and start over.