Unable to add ASR and Backup Solutions (successfully) to my OMS Workspace

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I have recently created an OMS Workspace and successfully configured the Antimalware, Updates, and Automation solutions.  Although I can add ASR and Backup - I cannot configure them, when I click view (from within the OMS Portal) on either ASR or Backup, I just get a blank page.


I opened a ticket with support a couple of weeks ago - they indicated that it was an issue with the deployed Solution and the dev team was aware and it would be fixed. No timeline was provided - I'm finding it hard to believe that this was be unavailable for multiple weeks now.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong.


Has anybody configured this successfully recently?

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Hi Oscar,

In the OMS it shows as available but its not still not released for the public use.
This may be helpful to you

Hi Oscar,


Apologies for the inconvenience. We have been facing issues in deploying a complete solution to OMS. We are trying to come up with alternatives. I will update this thread as soon as I have an update (I will try to update by Jan 12th, 2018)