Streamline the Management of Guest Users in Microsoft 365 Using Graph PowerShell

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Are you worried about managing Guest users in Microsoft 365? Enhance your Microsoft 365 guest user management with the power of PowerShell! Take control of your organization's collaboration environment and ensure the security of your data.  

With PowerShell, you can accomplish the following operations: 

  • Invite External Guests to your Microsoft 365 Tenant 
  • License Assignment for Office 365 Guest Users 
  • Add Guest users to Microsoft 365 Groups. 
  • Bulk Invite, Assign Licenses, and Add Guest Users to Groups 
  • Change Guest Users to Members 
  • Remove Guests from your Tenant 


Unlock the potential of PowerShell in your Microsoft 365 guest user management. Simplify your workflows, improve security, and boost collaboration efficiency. Here's a step-by-step guide on how PowerShell can help you effectively manage guest users in Microsoft 365: 

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