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What is the best value method to create RDS on Azure and allows 100-200 users to use it at the same time.


Requirements are very simple:

Up to 200 users at a time.

Server 2012/16.

Local group policy which will add external trusted sites (this will allow users to connect to our server which requires Silverlight to be allowed.  And lockdown most of the services.


Why do we need such a service, basically we have many customers which needs to connect to our Web app but this will require reconfiguring customers' GPO which is pain and time consuming. 


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Please check this:


Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools


Please remember that for Terminal Services usualy AD is needed, but it is possible to use it without this. Moreover consider using Gateway that allows you to connect via 443 port. Please check this (this implement Gateway and Remote Desktop without AD):


You have to have MCT license to use this template.

If its a web app, you could use Azure AD application proxy and just expose the application via Azure.

no need for RDS if its a web based application.

Hi Kent,


Thank you for your response. My app is runing fine on my server but the problem is the internet browser in different companies. So all what I need is IE11 with SilverLight enabled and add one site as trusted site.

I get where you are coming from.

But paying RDS licensing, Server licensing, and RDS server hardware vs using Azure AD proxy or WEb application proxy, and inform the user of your apps requirements. 


Consider using Scale sets for you RDS enviroment then. this will reduce Server cost during off peak times.

I have to say it is good solution but this web app was written by 3rd party and never been tested in public cloud, software provider will charge a lot to allow us to install this outside our server. 

best response

you can limit access to your users. the app would still be located on you internal web servers.


so the end result would be the same, with greater flexability.

Got you thanks. 

I have to say that my major problem is that I cannot give customers and requirements. That's why I thought RDS would be the best option because I can set IE configurations and site according to the app's requirements.

Ok, then RDS would be you best option.

Would you be running the servers as vm's in azure ?

I guess it make since to do this in Azure so I can use the auto scaling which will help during rush hour. To be honest the cost is my concers. I have found perfect solution with AWS they call it AppStream so you deply any Windows app on 2012 R2 and just send URL for the APP to users but the problem it doesn't work as it is suppose to when it comes to apply local group policies. 


Web app will do the same thing as  AppStream.