Can't add external DPM in MABS

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I'm trying to restore data from external DPM. I've got two on-premises DPMs. One works good and sends backups to Azure. Second is deployed for testing and I'm trying to add external DPM on it. Both are registered in Azure. Every time when I try to add primary DPM on secondary one I get error:


Adding External DPM : primarydpm.mydomain.local failed:
Error 33483: Either the recoverable data is not available or the selected server is not a DPM server.


Some articles says that you have to wait a day before adding external DPM. I waited but nothing changed.

Don't know what to do now.

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Hi Anatoly,

Is it full blown data protection manager via system center licensing or MABS via the Azure portal?


Hi Paul,


It's MABS via the Azure portal. I thought that new version fixes the issue but it doesn't. I installed MABS v2 but still can't add external DPM.

Hi Anatoly,


Its my understanding that this isnt supported and is a feature thats only possible with DPM via the System Center Suite. 


Can you explain a little more about the scenario that your trying to achieve i.e. the reasons / requirements for secondard backup server?




thank you for your interest and taking part in my issue.


It might be as you say but it's strange then. By the way I couldn't find any info whether it's supported scenario or not.

I'm trying to simulate some kind of disaster recovery. Suppose I lose my main backup server with data. How can I restore data from Azure without adding external DPM?

Hi Anatoly,


Not a problem! In regards to a disaster scenario you can associate another MABS server to the same vault in Azure and recover data on the second (disaster) MABS server.


Instructions can be found here:


Or is it the above that isnt working for you?



Yes, that's exactly what I was trying to do.

After I choose credentials, main DPM server and set password I get an error. I read somewhere on the Net that I should wait a day before trying do that. But waiting doesn't help. Today I decided to backup something and try to add external DPM after that. I'm not sure that it'll help but that's the only guess that I've got.


Right ok!


Yes providing both servers are associated with the same vault and vault credentials etc this is completely supported and achievable. Make sure both MABS servers are running the same versions of agents and MABS i.e. V1 / V2.


Also if you havent yet backed anything up i dont beleive it will work as the metadata gets sent to the cloud on completion of backup. So if the backup you are running is your first ever backup on your first MABS waiting for it to complete and then adding your second should sort your issue.


Let me know how you get on, im sure this will get you sorted though.



Thanks. Your response sounds hopefully:). I'll try and let you know the result.

Hi Paul,


I've just managed to add External DPM to the second MABS server. I upgraded both servers to MABS v2 and seems it did the trick. Now I can restore backups from Azure on the second MABS server.

Thank you for support:).

Hi Anatoly,


Thats great! Glad you sorted your issue!


Thanks for letting me know!