question. I am new to azure

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I worked for an MSP and we have a new client. Kind of inherited their problems

They have 365 and AD and azure.


365 is not completely syncing with AD.


It is only syncing certain things, like groups

what do I have to do to make azure sync with 365 and AD so I don't have to keep going back to both programs when creating or modifying users.


the little bit it was sync'ing was only being done I think once a month, but ever since I installed AD Connect, it is now syncing every half an hour.


confused and learning.

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No it's not possible  to do so . The only changes you can have from Azure AD to AD is password and group through password write back and group write back .

Enable Azure Active Directory password writeback | Microsoft Docs

Azure AD Connect: Group writeback | Microsoft Docs

In fact the user write back have been retired in 2015  

Azure AD Connect: Features in preview | Microsoft Docs

You can explore some workaround like this but there is no microsoft support :  Using AADConnect to merge users originating in AzureAD – JustIDM (


Another way to get things done is to build a user creation process  so all the admins who have rights to create a user should follow . 

Create user in AD  -----> Sync in AAD Connext --------> Assign a Licence