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I work for an MSP and "inherited" a company that uses 365, azure and AD


There seems to be some sync problem between AD and 365


I want to be able to create a user in 365 and have it also be created in AD via azure sync


Is this possible?


We were having a problem with 365 and AD not syncing, but I installed AD Connect and now it sync's every 30 minutes which is great; however, It only sync's certain things. NOT a new user in 365.



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No it's not possible  to do so . The only changes you can have from Azure AD to AD is password and group through password write back and group write back .

Enable Azure Active Directory password writeback | Microsoft Docs

Azure AD Connect: Group writeback | Microsoft Docs

In fact the user write back have been retired in 2015  

Azure AD Connect: Features in preview | Microsoft Docs

You can explore some workaround like this but there is no microsoft support :  Using AADConnect to merge users originating in AzureAD – JustIDM (


Another way to get things done is to build a user creation process  so all the admins who have rights to create a user should follow . 

Create user in AD  -----> Sync in AAD Connext --------> Assign a Licence