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Hi all,


If I create a public ip prefix /4 but only create 1 or 2 IPs in that prefix, will I be charged for 4 IPs or just 2 IPs that I create?


The website said that 3Public IP prefixes are charged per IP per hour. As soon as a prefix is created, you are charged. It is quite confusing because we have no IP yet when we create a prefix.



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I believe you will be charged for all 4 IPs. If you go to the pricing page ( and open the 'What is the price for specific size of a prefix?' FAQ point, it explains it a bit more.

The way I understand it is that when you reserve an IP block, it cannot be assigned to other customers, so regardless of if you assign those IPs or not to your resources, they are "blocked" to you, so you will be billed.

I could be wrong though; I am not a pricing expert.

@David Pazdera I guess that you are right. I did not see that section earlier. It makes senses that it will be more expensive if the range is wider. Thanks