Multiple Azure Directories

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I am connected to four directories. One named Default Directory, where I was able to upload a new avatar. There are some projects hosted there that I had set up many years ago when Azure launched. It is however not the same as the Microsoft Account (see different avatar and not linked to the default directory in terms of subscriptions and repositories). The latter is empty. It uses the same Microsoft email bett…com. I want to make use of the Azure services in order to learn and get certifications but for example, the Visual Studio subscription is tied to the default directory, but when I log into visual studio, I log into my Microsoft account. I did notice the move towards one account for all - it is coming together nicely.


Then I had set up a tenant for a company named Pandoran as a demo. The owner has passed away from COVID recently and the company was taken over by someone else. As an administrator, I was able to reset the tenant but cannot delete it or disassociate my ID from the tenant. An error is thrown.


Similarly, I was associated with a company called Intervate. Intervate was bought over by T-Systems. They traded for a while but the company as an entity do no longer exists. I would like my ID to be disassociated with them as well.


I approached MS support, and the agent has not been able to resolve.

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