How to remove a property from Azure DevOps Builddefinition in typescript?

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I want to remove a builddefinition variable in a Azure DevOps Build Pipeline in typescript because I'm implementing a custom build task. 
I know, there is a "UpdateDefinitonProperties" method inside the interface IBuildapi (module 

azure-devops-node-api/BuildApi), but how do I have to code this to remove a variable during the run of the build? 
It is used for migration purposes to set a special revision number for the first run. 

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How about using a variable?
Is it not the solution here!

Hello @inboxkrish7129,
Thank you for the feedback.
But it's already a variable, which should be removed after the first run of the pipeline.

In Powershell we did it as described here:

But now we have to support Linux also.