Exporting Json from Release Pipeline (Classic View) Agent Pool Information Missing

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Hi All,

I recently setup a rather dynamic release pipeline for our environment, I would like to export the release pipeline's json file and import it again and point it to a different artifact (build pipeline)

So far everything works well, but when exporting the json file it seems like it does not export the Agent Pool config, it keeps the agentSpecification as "ubuntu-20.04"




       "deployPhases": [
            "deploymentInput": {
              "parallelExecution": {
                "parallelExecutionType": 0
              "agentSpecification": {
                "identifier": "ubuntu-20.04"
              "skipArtifactsDownload": false,
              "artifactsDownloadInput": {
                "downloadInputs": [
                    "alias": "",
                    "artifactType": "Build",
                    "artifactDownloadMode": "Skip",
                    "artifactItems": []
              "queueId": 189,
              "demands": [],
              "enableAccessToken": true,
              "timeoutInMinutes": 0,
              "jobCancelTimeoutInMinutes": 1,
              "condition": "succeeded()",
              "overrideInputs": {}




In turn, when I re-import this json file I have to go to the "Agent Job" tab and select the Agent Pool as "Azure Pipelines", and again select the Agent Specification as "ubuntu-20.4"

Can someone please assist with the name/value so that i can update the exported json with the Azure Pipelines agentPool, I want to use this json file as a release pipeline template for a line of applications we have.

What I have tried (purely thumb sucking the entry as:




             "agentPool": {
                "name": "Azure Pipelines",
                "poolType": "automation"
              "agentSpecification": {
                "identifier": "ubuntu-20.04"




But the unfortunately did not work, the file imported fine but the value was not populated in the Agent job view.

Best Regards.

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