Getting API Data for Azure Blockchain

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I was wondering if Azure had a means to input off-chain API data into the blockchain. What solution is currently used ? Is "cryptlet" the solution that Azure is working on ? 

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Are you looking to use some kind of Oracle? What type of information are you trying to push into the blockchain and what is the scenario? What level of security are you comfortable with by taking this approach?
I want to connect to a CRM / ERP / ECM system from a smart contract to look up data.
What happened to the "cryptlet" concept?
I'd expect something like defining the connection to an external system (endpoint, request/response message, access credentials) as part of a smart contract - so it's immutable - to guarantee security of my blockchain solution.


Getting data from outside the blockchain will be tricky in terms of maintaining security. We are working cryptlets, which is in private preview), which will be able to accomplish this type of scenario. 

Will cryptlet serve as a decentralized oracle network ? Also can we integrate with 3rd party oracle solutions such as SmartContract ( ?

Yes, the intention is to allow cryptlets to solve this issue in a decentralized manner. We are still implementing exactly how we want to design the system, but it currently is in private preview with some customers. We'll announce when it is ready more broadly.