Azure Blockchain Workbench - How to join counterparties' validator nodes to the network?

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Hi, if multiple parties (from different organizations) participate in a Blockchain Workbench application, is there any way of adding worker nodes who validate transactions on their behalf? In all of the demos/presentations you guys mentioned the importance of this (eg. getting the transporter involved in the network), but I am failing to figure it out how to. Having the right to participate in an application, but not having full control over a worker node beats the purpose of having a distributed ledger if I am not mistaken. Is it something that is not implemented, but will be in the future? Or have I fundamentally misunderstood something here? Thank you for your input.

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Great question. Right now Workbench deploys a single member blockchain network. We have several backlog items to further improve the deployment and network management experience. One backlog item will allow users to deploy more robust networks, which can span across multiple organizations. Another backlog item will allow users to manage and add multiple blockchain networks connected to Workbench. Let us know if you have a specific ask or better yet, feel free to make an official request on our team's User Voice: