FormatStringClaim not validating in B2C Custom Policy

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I'm having issues uploading a change to my existing Azure B2C policy that includes a new FormatStringClaim claim transformation. I haven't been able to figure out the issue as my claim transformation looks nearly identical to the example given by Microsoft. I'm getting the following error


The following InputClaims were declared in the Policy but were not expected by the TransformMethod: [String]inputClaim


With the following B2C


      <ClaimsTransformation Id="CreateUserPrincipalName" TransformationMethod="FormatStringClaim">
          <InputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="objectId" TransformationClaimType="inputClaim" />
          <InputParameter Id="stringFormat" DataType="string" Value="{0}" />
          <OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="uniqueIdentifier" TransformationClaimType="outputClaim" />
The objectId is a string that's declared and populated in a higher level custom policy. It's also used in this policy so I'm not sure why Azure would have an issue with me using it here. I'm just trying to add a custom domain name to the objectId were already using and pass it into the SAML token. 
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